The Brüning facility from above

Drone flights and relaxed horses


We decided to look at things from a different perspective, took to the air and flew over and through the grounds of the Brüning family horsebreeding facility.


The facility is large and perfectly equipped. Horse stables, two indoor arenas, outdoor riding grounds, paddocks and pastures offer the horses a varied programme. This is all complemented by a horsewalker with a track and a round arena. You can gain a completely different impression of the facility from the air. From above, it appears to be even larger and is even more impressive. It also becomes abundantly clear how much space these horses have to thrive and develop well.


When we flew over the riding arena it also became clear how calm the horses of the Brünings are. They weren’t at all afraid and didn’t panic. This was equally amazing and pleasing. It evidences the excellent rearing and training conditions at the Brüning facility. Eight employees and the family members themselves ensure the welfare of the 200 horses with great dedication and passion every day.


The Brüning family farm was founded in 1430.

 This is  long time during which experience was and is passed down through the generations. The Brüning family is passionately dedicated to breeding warmblood horses across the generations. The breeding farm is located in Ochtmannien, in the heart of the Hanoverian horse breeding area. It is therefore obvious that family Brüning mainly breeds, raises and trains Hanoverian horses.


The horses enjoy outstanding conditions with the Brünings.

. For the mares they rely on a sophisticated fertility management system.

 The breeding programme only includes mares which stem from very solid strains. The selection of the right stallions is a matter of experience. A facility that can look back over such a long tradition in horse breeding has advantages in terms of know-how.


The foals are reared under ideal conditions. All horses are able to learn positive social behaviour in the herd from the very beginning on large summer pastures and in spacious stables with paddocks during the winter. This ensures that they are balanced and have strong nerves.


With so much care during breeding, rearing and subsequent training, it is almost guaranteed that a rider will find a suitable horse at such a facility. The Brüning family sells its horses itself or at association auctions in Verden and Vechta.


We would like to thank Hannes Brüning very much for giving us permission to fly over his property.