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​Loose boxes - veritable quick-change artists

Everything under one roof

The concept offers you almost limitless possibilities with regard to quantity as well as configuration, size and equipment. The loose boxes look good anywhere, either as a private double box or as a full stable facility.

If you need more space, you can extend the system at any time due to its modular design. It can even be easily moved to a new location.

Galvanised or powder-coated steel profiles in hardwood timber leave a lasting impression. Not only our specially fabricated corrugated roofing or sandwich elements can be used for the roof, but any other roof type is possible. The stables therefore blend perfectly into their surroundings.

Friendly, light and airy – the Röwer & Rüb loose boxes meet all the contemporary requirements for horsekeeping, irrespective of whether you have large or small stables. - Rüdiger Deckert, Managing Director Röwer & Rüb

Loose boxes – variable adjustment

Row of boxes

Row of boxes with the dimensions 3.40 m x 3.40 m can be extended as required. Retrofitting is also possible.

Loose boxes

The head box with 4.73 m x 3.40 m at the end of the row is an optimum tack room or fodder store. When equipped with a barn door it is also suitable for use as a store room. Head boxes can also be positioned in the row.

Loose boxes - L-designe

A corner box is available for an L-shape. With the dimensions 4.93 m x 4.93 m it is suitable for foaling or for mares with foals.

Loose boxes - U-designe

Loose boxes in U-shape create an enclosed interior yard atmosphere.

One stable, a host of options

Not only the loose box arrangement is variable, the boxes can also be equipped with gates, doors and varied wall positions to create exactly the configuration you need.

Head boxes do not have to be at the end, for example, but can also be placed in the middle of the row - for storage, as a tack room, coach house or large foaling box. If you do not fit a front wall, the box can be used as a shelter.

Special wishes? No problem.

Although the loose boxes can be adapted to withstand all snow and wind loads, larger roof overhangs or other box dimensions are also possible.

Customised boxes, for example with a roof overhang at the back, protect adjacent paddocks against the effects of the weather.

Well advised on all counts

The 1.70 m roof overhang protects the horse and the rider against the sun and rain. The box interior also offers a high level of comfort. The insulated roof prevents heat loss in winter and in summer keeps the box cool.

The standard lighting ridge provides light and air. You can also order an insulated roof ridge with electrically operated elements.

Versatile equipment

The outer wall is constructed of 60 mm double tongue and groove hardwood timber. Additional barn doors, doors and windows can naturally be fitted into the side and back walls.

Various trough, drinking bowl and box door models are available. The doors are equipped with a safe double bolt latch.

Fast assembly

When the plans for the stable are finished, the drawings and structural engineering calculations for the building application are quickly available. The boxes are also quickly ready for shipment and assembly - around the world.

The loose boxes are erected on existing onsite concrete, paved, strip or point foundations.

Perfect ventilation system

The clever ventilation system provides sufficient fresh air, even when the doors are closed. The integrated ventilation flap in the box door ensures an adequate supply of fresh air, the used air is vented through the lighting roof ridge. Venting is particularly efficient due to the steep roof pitch (20 degrees). This ensures effective air circulation and a friendly, light atmosphere.

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