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An intelligent, mature concept with lots of options for individual wishes.

Our barns are light and friendly. They can be erected as a separate facility and also between existing buildings. They are so versatile that they fulfil almost every customer wish.

While the warm wooden façade blends harmoniously in with the landscape, the wide lighting roof ridge also ensures a friendly atmosphere and a healthy barn climate. Due to the self-supporting steel and wood construction without posts you can create your ideal interior without any obstructions. Tack room, washing area, solarium, storage area - we offer professional and functional solutions to suit your ideas. Construction is completed in next to no time.

We place great importance on professional consultation. We would be pleased to provide details on reference installations and compile a personal quotation. Your new barn is supplied either as a kit – with assembly supervision upon request – or as a turn-key solution.

Single row for small horse stocks

Compact but impressive. This barn is on par with its large cousin. The difference is the single row of stalls. This barn is therefore particularly suitable for narrow plots.

Built on experience

Our barns meet the very highest quality demands and comply with current standards and regulations.
All versions are based on steel supports, irrespective of the façade, and with a roof construction of steel or laminated trusses ensure a long service life.

The generously dimensioned overhang of around 75 cm protects the façade against the weather. All steel elements are naturally galvanised. The recommended roof pitch of 20°, the eaves height and roof overhang are variable.


Global, fast delivery

Fast provision of construction drawings, foundation plans and structural engineering calculations are equally a matter of course as quick and punctual delivery - no matter where. Our barns can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Single row, L or U-shape

Your barn is also available in an L or U-form, irrespective of its size. The U-form creates a cosy interior yard atmosphere.

L-shaped barns often also provide effective shelter against the wind and weather. The entrance does not always have to be at one end of the barn, and an attractive option is to plan the entrance on the long side of the barn.

Harmonious design

The roof and façade design ensure that the barn blends harmoniously into its surroundings.

The façade is made of double tongue and groove 60 mm hardwood timber that has proved its effectiveness over the years, as it prevents draughts and creates a pleasant climate. Larch timber is also available. Walls of solid masonry with the stone of your choice or elements made of softwood with thermal insulation are also possible.

In addition to the specially manufactured corrugated roofing, sandwich elements or tiles are also available as roofing options.

You have full say when it comes to the length and width of the barn. The width in turn determines the depth of the horse stalls and the passageway dimensions.



Well-being for horse and rider

Light, air and a pleasant climate all year round

Both the standard roof ridge made of PVC and the roof ridge made of insulated twin-wall sheets with an aluminium construction (Figs. 6 and 8) provide a pleasant, diffused light and prevent hard shadows. The insulated roof ridge is also available with electrically controlled ventilation flaps. The air is supplied through the ventilation grating below the eaves (Fig. 9) and vented through the roof ridge. With a roof pitch of 20° the air circulation is particularly effective. The insulated roof ensures pleasant temperatures all year round.

Variable equipment

Barn doors, doors and windows lend each barn its own individual style, and paddocks enhance comfort for the horses. The building can also be used as an open barn without major modifications.

Due to the self-supporting construction there are hardly any restrictions when it comes to the choice of interior fittings. Tack rooms, solariums, washing and grooming area - everything is possible. We would be very pleased to offer you the complete stall and stable equipment.

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A good management covering all aspects of the horse is crucial for success, whether in sport, breeding or simply for personal pleasure. Here at Röwer & Rüb, we are pleased to be able to help you a little along the way.
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